Is she even real??

Does anyone “look” for companions on-line? How do you know if they are really who they say there are?

I’ve been corresponding to a young lady I met on Twitter. It’s only been a week or two but I am very attracted to her. Of course the only thing I can go on is the pictures she sends me and the letters we write each other. Now nobody likes to get hurt right? Well I’ve been sharing some very personal information about my past and some intimate feelings I’ve developed towards her.

Now lately I’ve been thinking: “What if she’s somebody else?” “What if she’s a man?” “Maybe she has a bunch of Boy Friends or even a husband?”. I wouldn’t really know would I? The world is full of all kinds of people. Anonymity and keeping your info private is all you hear about when it comes to meeting people on-line.

Now I understand that most of those warnings have to do with money. Bank accounts, Credit Cards, Phone numbers. That sort of thing. But what about having your heart broken? How does one protect themselves from that? Just how much should I share?

Honesty and truth is the most important thing when it comes to relationships. If a person is hiding behind an email address or twitter user name how can there be real honesty? Twitter and Face-book do the best they can validating users but let’s face it. It’s really not that hard to create a fake account.

So do I share my heart and personal life and hope I won’t get burnt? Or do I just keep my distance and share only what she needs to know? If so, what’s the point? A could really use some input on this.

Younger Woman?? What now?

I met a young lady online and I’m really confused about it. She is an independent mother of one. She is really pretty and has a 3 year old son. We found each other on Twitter. She wants a relationship with an older man and is considering yours truly for a partner. I am 30 years her senior and I find myself in uncharted waters.

Let me explain “our” situation. I want to say straight off nothing is going to happen right away. I live in one of the eastern states and she lives in one of the southern states. I can tell you that women with southern accents and tattoos make “nuts” she has both! She has a growing business and wants to keep it growing. She has worked very hard to get where she it today. She was in a relationship with a younger man and the guy stole a lot of money from her. He was also fooling around with a friend of hers. So now she is leery about getting serious with a younger man and wants someone more “mature and on the same emotional level as her.”

I’m not sure what that means exactly but if she feels this way who am I to tell her she’s wrong? I’m by no means an expert on relationships. I was divorced many years ago and haven’t been with another woman since. I’ve learned how to be single and I’m comfortable with the idea of being a bachelor the rest of my life. I’m not going to deny the fact that I really do miss the company of a woman. Especially one I get along with and not constantly arguing with.

Now I’ve been doing some soul searching and I’m thinking maybe this would be good for both of us. She needs someone to be a father to her son. She needs someone to fix the leaky sink. She also told me she craves hugs. Now I have to admit, I’ve always wanted to leave the State I live in and would surely welcome the company of a woman. I feel like I’m in a Hollywood movie and I don’t know how it ends. Should I not even consider getting involved with this beautiful lady because of our age difference? Am I setting myself up for pain and disappointment? Is wanting to be with a woman effecting my decision making? I’m so confused! Comments anyone?



To be continued…

Daily Rant

This is a new post from OpenLive.  My site hosted by WordPress is much faster then motd. That’s probably because the servers are swapping back and forth and checking users and permission. Posting directly to WordPress is a nicer experience.


Open Writer is working fine. This is an avatar I use a lot on the Web. Synchronet is being modernized and now has avatars too. I perfer using the BBS for social networking but I still keep a few WordPress sites updated.

New A/C

I had a new A/C unit installed. It’s been very hot lately and I’ve been very uncomfortable at the very least. It works great but I need to find the right settings. Mturk has been slow. I guess the college classes are winding down. Memorial Day is the start of the summer so soon all the kids will be done with school for the summer.I had a good day trout fishing last week. I landed 2 rainbows. One was 18″ the other was 16″. I released them both. I’m going to try some bass fishing later on. It’s cloudy and it rained most of they day so I should do well. That’s about it for now. I have to go put dinner up.