New A/C

I had a new A/C unit installed. It’s been very hot lately and I’ve been very uncomfortable at the very least. It works great but I need to find the right settings. Mturk has been slow. I guess the college classes are winding down. Memorial Day is the start of the summer so soon all the kids will be done with school for the summer.I had a good day trout fishing last week. I landed 2 rainbows. One was 18″ the other was 16″. I released them both. I’m going to try some bass fishing later on. It’s cloudy and it rained most of they day so I should do well. That’s about it for now. I have to go put dinner up.

Looking for New Life

I’m trying like hell to move on. Talking to lots of people from the real world. I think they´re are just trying to sound good. I don´t believe they have any intention on helping me. That´s OK. There´s nothing but trouble for me out in the real world. I was supposed have a visitor today at 1:00 – 1:30. It is now 2:00 and nobody had showed up yet. Maybe Ms Green is talking with them trying to persuade them that she is not the anti-Christ. She can talk all she wants but I make all the decisions. Not her. I sent out 20 emails trying to contact someone from the list I was given. I got 2 responses out of all of them. Most did not reply at all and many of the emails bounced! That right there let´s me know there is a lot of incompetent and unreliable service workers out there. I really think it´s just a matter of finding someone that wants to help and has the resources to do so.


Finally after 4 years the facility has given me wifi access. I’m not sure how long it’s been available. I haven’t asked for it since I got here. It’s a little flakey. It doesn’t like my external antenna sometimes. It’s probably a MAC address thing. So what else is going on? I’m slowly fading away but that’s OK. I’m not happy so making an exit would not bother me. My legs and feet are getting worse. I saw a vascular guy and he told me eventually sores will develop and I’ll need surgery. Two agencies are working on my case to get me out of here but I know that’s a long shot. I have to keep my legs elevated so I’m in bed a lot. That’s it for now.

3G Internet

I’ve been using my phone 3G as my primary internet connection. It’s not very fast and Downloads take forever. It’s also expensive but I have no other choice. I live at the ass end of the world with no other options. If I had cable installed I could get internet but that would run me 50 bucks or more a month. It’s a good thing I got the phone when I did. I’m waiting for Tracfone to come down on price. Then I would have a 4G connection. The 3G is fine for now.

I’ve declared War

So I’m at war again with these nurses. Now the supervisor thinks she is hot shit. She refuses to help me with my troubles. Today she told me she is the only one in charge here. I asked to see her supervisor and she told me she didn’t have one. We’ll see about that. The big goon still refuses to take out the garbage in my room.This morning I was looking for the nurse to get my pain medicine and the nurse was gone and the aid was out cold sleeping. The part that really gets me as none of them get fired. They sleep smoke pot and god knows what else and still have a job. If I was caught sleeping at my job I would have immediately be fired and escorted out of the building.