Resident rights

The past two weeks I had to fight for my right to shower alone. I contacted the State Ombudsman. She called the facility a few times until I was happy with my shower arrangements. I had to sign a form that stated the facility is not responsible if I fall in the shower. That’s fine with me. At least I get to chose if I want an aid with me in the shower. For now I don’t want or need an aid. I’m sure the day will come I will need an aid to shower but Today, I don’t need one. Bob Kelly is an annoying person but I can handle him. Got my gummies today. I played Christmas songs all day. I won the maple strat guitar neck on E-bay. I sure hope it fits. It be a waste of money if it doesn’t. It’s 11:00am so the new shift is on now. Christmas is 5 days away. They had a party today. Nobody showed up. It was boring.