Leon Gone.

Leon is gone for the next 2 weeks. His headed to the Philippines with his wife. It’s going to be a drag around here. I’m keeping busy with the web stuff. I’m not gaining much ground because I’m learning that these content providers want money for their “good stuff”. They’re really meant for business use and not the average blogger. How much stuff can you put on one page? I can see if you’re into photography and want to plaster pictures all over the place but I’m not into that right now. I could take some bullshit shots with my netbook and UL them. Something to think about anyway. I’ll have to look into it.

Rest in Peace Richard Mapica

Mapica passed away last night. One of the guys said he told the Nurse “Gene” he was having trouble breathing. Gene wanted to call an ambulance but Richard said no “He didn’t want to get into trouble”. The guy was a real pain in the butt but he still should have had proper medical attention. Well, I just thought I’d make a post about him. It was good to know you Rich. Rest in peace.

Richard was 65 Years Old. His cause of death is unknown.

He died on March 18, 2016