Election 2016

Chris Christie has endorsed Donald Trump stating “He’s the only one that can beat Hillary Clinton”. I guess the NJ Governor is a Hillary Hater and would rather see Trump as President before giving his vote to the Democrats. The 2016 presidential campaign has been entertaining but I think it’s time America took things a bit more seriously. I don’t think I could handle Hillary as President and I’m not very comfortable putting Trump in the White House. So who do I vote for? At this stage of the game ….NOBODY!

The reason the Republicans can’t get into the White House is because they keep sending clowns like Donald Trump to the elections. Remember Romney? Like he would have made a good president. I don’t think so. For 2 months I had Trump posters hanging on my walls. It was a joke people! I wasn’t serious about voting for him. I was and still am pissed off with the way our government is running things and Trump said things nobody else had the “balls” to say. He could say whatever he wanted without worrying about losing lobbyist money or sucking up to anyone else. That did impress me but that doesn’t mean he would be a good President. I mean come on. Do Americans really want to build a wall on the Mexican border? That idea sounds goofier than electing Donald Trump for President. Yes, something needs to be done about all the undocumented immigrants in our country, but building a wall is not the answer. Instead of spending all their energy bashing Trump, why don’t the Republican hopeful’s come up with a better plan than building a wall? Doing that would give me someone to vote for. That’s just me opinion… I could be wrong.