Someone Blow the Dust Off!

Someone blow the dust off this server. I’m here to post something. I never knew a site could be so slow. I feel like I’m living in the 90’s logging onto websites over a phone line. Anyway, it took me so long to get here I forgot what I wanted to write about… … … … Oh yea! My BBS. A few months ago I decided to put up another BBS. Same one I ran in the 90’s only on a modern system. The board is called “Havens BBS”. You can reach it by telnet to port 23 or you can use The board is connected to many “nets” such as Dovenet, Retronet, and Micronet among others. It’s great to be back to running a BBS. It can be frustrating sometimes but nothing feels better when I can get it to work. I’m running Synchronet BBS for Linux on a Ubuntu Server. It has some glitches but nothing I can’t handle. The ANSI screens can be difficult as I am not an artist. All in all it’s been a rewarding experience so far. The user base is no where near the way it was back in the 90’s but considering the timeline I can’t believe the amount of people there are still using a BBS.

Wow! Incredibly SLOW!!

WOW. I can’t believe how slow this site is. I guess it’s being run somebody’s 386 inside their closet somewhere in Japan. Well, it’s free so one shouldn’t complain right? Wrong. I’m gonna complain. It’s not even worth it to spend time working on the site. Besides does anyway visit http sites anymore?? OK.. I’m done complaining. I feel better!


WOW! I can’t believe how many “scammers” are online. I’ve been hitting the dating sites and chatting with people on Twitter and Facebook. I can’t find one girl that is real. They all have some story and try to get money from me. Some of the stories they come up with are amusing. The problem is they all have the same one. They all start with “I am looking for an honest man” then they want to tell you about how their men cheated on them. Then they send you sexy pictures. Some of them send nudes and then try to get you to pay for their internet by buying them an Iphone card. Some want Amazon gift cards or other gift cards. The best part is they will tell you they never asked for money. Has anyone seen the movie with the prostitute doing sexual favors but they don’t take cash? These so called girls think they invented this shit! News flash ladies. Women have been selling themselves since the beginning of time.

And how does this “honesty thing” work?? I have to be honest but she can lie as much as she wants? I don’t get it? It’s OK for you to try and sell your body to me? Sell pictures, services or whatever? But I have to be honest and trustworthy.The internet is porn polluted! Why would any man in their right mind pay for a nude? The bad news is if there really is an honest woman out there I’m never going to trust them anyway. Relationships are built on trust. Starting out with even the smallest of lie’s will make me run to the nearest exit!


Is she even real??

Does anyone “look” for companions on-line? How do you know if they are really who they say there are?

I’ve been corresponding to a young lady I met on Twitter. It’s only been a week or two but I am very attracted to her. Of course the only thing I can go on is the pictures she sends me and the letters we write each other. Now nobody likes to get hurt right? Well I’ve been sharing some very personal information about my past and some intimate feelings I’ve developed towards her.

Now lately I’ve been thinking: “What if she’s somebody else?” “What if she’s a man?” “Maybe she has a bunch of Boy Friends or even a husband?”. I wouldn’t really know would I? The world is full of all kinds of people. Anonymity and keeping your info private is all you hear about when it comes to meeting people on-line.

Now I understand that most of those warnings have to do with money. Bank accounts, Credit Cards, Phone numbers. That sort of thing. But what about having your heart broken? How does one protect themselves from that? Just how much should I share?

Honesty and truth is the most important thing when it comes to relationships. If a person is hiding behind an email address or twitter user name how can there be real honesty? Twitter and Face-book do the best they can validating users but let’s face it. It’s really not that hard to create a fake account.

So do I share my heart and personal life and hope I won’t get burnt? Or do I just keep my distance and share only what she needs to know? If so, what’s the point? A could really use some input on this.

Younger Woman?? What now?

I met a young lady online and I’m really confused about it. She is an independent mother of one. She is really pretty and has a 3 year old son. We found each other on Twitter. She wants a relationship with an older man and is considering yours truly for a partner. I am 30 years her senior and I find myself in uncharted waters.

Let me explain “our” situation. I want to say straight off nothing is going to happen right away. I live in one of the eastern states and she lives in one of the southern states. I can tell you that women with southern accents and tattoos make “nuts” she has both! She has a growing business and wants to keep it growing. She has worked very hard to get where she it today. She was in a relationship with a younger man and the guy stole a lot of money from her. He was also fooling around with a friend of hers. So now she is leery about getting serious with a younger man and wants someone more “mature and on the same emotional level as her.”

I’m not sure what that means exactly but if she feels this way who am I to tell her she’s wrong? I’m by no means an expert on relationships. I was divorced many years ago and haven’t been with another woman since. I’ve learned how to be single and I’m comfortable with the idea of being a bachelor the rest of my life. I’m not going to deny the fact that I really do miss the company of a woman. Especially one I get along with and not constantly arguing with.

Now I’ve been doing some soul searching and I’m thinking maybe this would be good for both of us. She needs someone to be a father to her son. She needs someone to fix the leaky sink. She also told me she craves hugs. Now I have to admit, I’ve always wanted to leave the State I live in and would surely welcome the company of a woman. I feel like I’m in a Hollywood movie and I don’t know how it ends. Should I not even consider getting involved with this beautiful lady because of our age difference? Am I setting myself up for pain and disappointment? Is wanting to be with a woman effecting my decision making? I’m so confused! Comments anyone?



To be continued…