Investigations into Russian interference in the election

The overarching concern of Trump’s time in office so far has been the investigations into how and when Russia tried to influence the 2016 presidential election — and if Trump campaign staffers may have secretly helped that effort. Investigations are underway in the House and Senate after an initial report from intelligence agencies suggested that Russia hoped to influence the election for Trump. The FBI began an investigation into the subject in July 2016  that continues.

Dropped axe

I dropped the axe and cause a serious chip! I can’t believe I dropped the damn thing. I’m working on it now. I got 4 new knobs for it. I needed wood putty and paint. I’m hope it comes out ok. I’ve never done this but with YouTube anyone can learn anything. I got an “Obama Phone” and I can’t believe what uncle same pays for. It’s a damn smart phone. An older model that I’m sure nobody uses anymore but hey..For free? WTF? Why not? Now I just need a phone number to call. HA!


Time for a new pc

Well, it’s time for a new PC. I’m not sure what I want. I don’t have much desk space but I’m tired of laptops. I’d like to get a nice desktop PC but I don’t think one will fit. I’m bidding on EBay so I’ll se what comes up. It’s silly to go crazy because whatever PC I get is only going to be as good as my internet connection. The WIFI I use is OK but I don’t think my connection utilizes the full potential of the PC I have. The main reason I want to upgrade is to get a larger screen. I’m going to go blind if I keep using the one I have. I don’t need anything fancy because I spend most of my time in a shell which does not need the heavy duty requirements the kids look for these days.

Trump in Patchogue today


Donald Trump is holding a rally in Patchogue. I’m not sure that’s a good idea. There are a lot of Latino’s out in Patchogue and they may make trouble for him. Suffolk county cops say they’ve beefed up security and are ready for anything. This will be a good test for Suffolk’s finest. Hillary and Bernie are in NYC spewing their BS on a few Unions that support them. Things are getting interesting as we approach the final leg of the election process. For what I can see most people are supporting personalities and not the policies their candidate stands for. If they are, then some of those policies are messed up and would never get past congress. I don’t see the point in having a president if he/she can’t get anything done. Do people really believe presidents can build walls? I agree some some changes need to be made regarding US citizenship but building walls won’t change anything. The illegals will just dig under the walls that’s all. To be continued …….

Donald comes to long island

Donald will be holding a rally on Long Island this week. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are also in town. The New York primaries are April 5 so everyone is getting ready for a showdown. Donald has some explaining to do about women having abortions being punished.

More on Donald

In an interview with Fox News when asked “When will you start acting like a president?” Donald Trump replied: “Look, we started this thing with 17 candidates. I have two more to go. After I beat them I am going to be so presidential you’re going to bored. You’re going to be so bored with me you’re not going to want to interview me anymore”.


Fuck being politically correct and Fuck the media! You GO Donald!!

My story on Drugs and Alcohol

My story on Drugs and Alcohol

        This is my story and I’m sticking to it. I was 14 or 15 years old. It was a long time ago so I don’t remember my exact age. I know I was in 9th grade so whatever age 9th graders are these days that’s how old I was. My father built a bar in the basement and my parents entertained a lot of guests at that bar. Everyone from family members and neighbors sat at that bar and drank booze. My father would serve scotch to my uncles and made whiskey sours and daiquiris for the ladies. The blender was always running and the conversation grew louder with every batch of drinks. Everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time when they sat at that bar. For me I would be bored  and didn’t really connect with any of my cousins. They were all girls and my male cousins were either much older or younger then me. My sister played with the girls and my brother had John who was the same age as him. I believe feeling lonely was the reason I began entertaining the idea of drinking alcohol. The adult’s seemed to be having a great time and I was miserable. What was in those drink? They were all happy and laughing. I was determined to find out.

        So it’s my brothers communion party and the adults were all drinking as usual. At dinner time everyone went upstairs to the dining room. This is when I planned to make my move. While everyone was having cake and coffee I went downstairs to check out the bar.

Leon Gone.

Leon is gone for the next 2 weeks. His headed to the Philippines with his wife. It’s going to be a drag around here. I’m keeping busy with the web stuff. I’m not gaining much ground because I’m learning that these content providers want money for their “good stuff”. They’re really meant for business use and not the average blogger. How much stuff can you put on one page? I can see if you’re into photography and want to plaster pictures all over the place but I’m not into that right now. I could take some bullshit shots with my netbook and UL them. Something to think about anyway. I’ll have to look into it.